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Personal Exhibitions


2022 :

" 30th anniversary of French Insitute of Cambodia" - 130 m of huge prints (320X250cm) on the wall of French Embassy in Phnom Penh, Cambodia from March to May 

2021 :

"A-Round me Up" @ The Exchange - June 2021  

2019 :

"Phnom Penh Streets part 2- Deep Inside the alleys" @ Metahouse - January 24th to February 22nd

"A trip across south China" @ Thursday Tales Gallery 26st 118 - January 15h - February 15th

2018 :

"Alone in the Dark" : Photo Exhibition @ Thursday Tales  Gallery 26 st 118 - Phnom Penh  – October 25th to November 22nd

2016 :

"Angkor Temples – Hidden Treasures" : Photo Exhibition @ FCC Phnom Penh – July 8th to september 8th

2015 : 

"Ruins to Riches" : Collective Photo Exhibition @ Metahouse, Phnom Penh - December 2015

2014 :

November 2014 : Won 2nd prize of European Union Photo Contest - Photos print on the wall of EU in Phnom Penh during a month (til december)

2013 :

"Phnom Penh - Evolution" : Photo exhibition @ FCC Phnom Penh (on the Quay) start saturday 21st, 2013, until march 30st, 2014.

2012 :

"Boeung Kak was a Lake” – Photo exhibition @ METAHOUSE, Phnom Penh 2nd to 24th of June

2011 :

"When Asia Meets Muang Khwa" – Photo exhibition in the old village of Muang Khwa in Lao PDR

"When White Man in Siam Hits Madame Beergarden Under Construction" – Siem Reap (november / december/ january)

"White Man in Siam" november 2011 – Photo exhibition on the back of the Tuk Tuk in Phnom Penh (2 weeks)

"Cambodia Inner Eye" - French Cultural Center (CCF) - Siem Reap - April/June 2011

2010 :

"When Asia Meets Asia" - Street photo exhibition in center of Siem Reap, roof-top of X-Bar (14m X 1m) and the Building of The French Cultural Center - October 2010/January2011

2009 :

 - 5th december 2009 - The First Walking Photo Exhibition in Cambodia"Breaking The Walls"

"Part Of The Process"- Equinox (march - april 2009) – " Wheels ! Transport is part of the process of change, but it's also part of the process of life and movement. For those who own the transport, the wheel is so important. It's like the wheel of life!" (Phnom Penh Post)

"Cambodia Inner Eye II" - Restaurant "Le Liban" (february - april 2009)

2008 :

"Contrastes : Bangkok-Phnom Penh" - Equinox (june-september 2008) Print on plastic material in non usual format photo (from 1m long up to 4m)

"Cambodia Inner Eye" - Raffles Hotel Le ROYAL (march - october 2008)

"Errances Nomades" - Equinox (january/february 2008) Presentation of daily life in southeast Asian countries (Thailand, Cambodia, Lao and Vietnam)

2006 :

"Ethnos Group" - Galerie de la Maison du Vietnam Paris (september/november 2006)

2003 :

"Errances Nomades" - Mairie du Pre Saint Gervais (october 2003)

2002 :

"2545 au Royaume de Bouddha" - Le Memphis (Le Pre Saint Gervais - agust/november 2002)


Collective Exhibitions

2020 :

"Cambodia before Covid" @ Metahouse - July / August 2020

2019 :

"Elements" a Paintography exhibition with Dominique Tricoire @ Thursday Tales Gallery, Phnom Penh - June 2019

"Elements" a Paintography exhibition with Dominique Tricoire @ Chinese House, Phnom Penh - April 03th - April 30th

2016 :

"Elements" a Paintography exhibition with Dominique Tricoire @ Restaurant le Saing Georges Phnom Penh 

2015 :

"A Land of Water" : Photo Exhibition at Restaurant le Saint Georges, Phnom Penh (111 St.136) from februray to august

2014 :

"Once Upon a Time Phnom Penh" : Photo Exhibition at Institut Francais du Cambodge september 30th to november 9th

"Phnom Penh Streets" : Photo Exhibition at Restaurant le Saint Georges (111 St.136) from july to january 2015

"Phnom Penh Streets" : Photo exhibition at Equinox Bar (Phnom Penh) with "DownTown Collective" starts from april 6th until july 12th

2013 :

 60th birthday of Pasteur Institute in Cambodia : Exhibition starts at SOFITEL PHNOM PENH PHOKEETHRA, Phnom Penh, from 12 march until end of june 

Vann Nath Tribute @ Bophana Center 12th january to 12th february Collective Exhibition for the memory ot the painter (Asia Life)

2012 :

"Les Artistes s'exposent a la CCFC" Phnom Penh septembre 2012

The New Cambodia : Collective photo exhibition 24th of July @ METAHOUSE

Collective Photo Exhibition «  Salon du Luxe » , Phnom Penh (30th, 31st march and1st of april)

2011 :

Collective photo exhibition at AFD, Paris (French agency for development) September 2011

2009 :

"Phnom Penh Photo Festival - Night Of The Year" 5th/6th december 2009 - Projection photo at Wat Botum

"1 year anniversary Asiamotion" at Equinox 4th december 2009 (Collective Exhibition)

"Angkor Alternative" at 4Faces Gallery 21 november until 31 december 2009

"The boat goes, the pontoon stays" (Collective exhibition for illustrate a famous Khmer quote) Java Gallery Phnom Penh, july/august 2009



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